Let us be the wind in your sail.

Establish a strong foundation with the HR Basics then build programs to attract top talent, motivate current employees and develop future leaders.

Whether outsourcing a specific HR task or managing the entire HR department, on-site or remotely, 

we can provide you with flexibility, expertise, and cost savings while allowing you to 

focus on your core business activities.  




  • Benefits, payroll and leave of absence administration
  • New hire process and orientation
  • Onsite HR operations support
  • Employee Handbook, policies and procedures, job descriptions to set expectations
  • HR compliance
  • EEO-1 preparation
  • Affirmative Action Plans
  • Outplacement
  • M&A HR due diligence
  • HCM implementation
  • Exit Interviews and Offboarding

  • Onsite HR resource available for employee engagement
  • Pulse or Stay Interviews can identify ways to improve morale and reduce turnover
  • Communicate performance expectations, accountability and incentivize results
  • Communicate your mission, vision and values that align with your culture
  • Improve communication and cooperation between teams,  managers and employees
  • Create a workforce strategy to develop future leaders
  • Prepare for the future with a succession plan; 360 feedback and coaching
  • Develop high potentials with individual development plans and career paths
  • Recruiting that aligns with the company mission, vision, values and culture
  • Competitive market based  compensation
  • Improve your employer reputation to attract new hires
  • Behavioral assessments for candidates natural motives

Clients Examples

How are we different?

We are truly committed to creating a unique experience for each and every client. We combine the best of both worlds: the extensive resources and expert HR guidance you would expect from a larger firm, with the personalized, family-style approach of a small practice. 

We believe that building lasting relationships with our clients is key to providing exceptional service, which is why we prioritize transparency, effective communication, and industry-leading guidance. 

At the end of the day, our passion for delivering the very best client experience is what sets us apart. We are inspired by the opportunity to work with our clients to help them achieve success.