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Do managers spend more time on unproductive employees? Are they equipped to have difficult conversations with those who are not performing optimally due to not being engaged, not hitting goals?

Having the skills to effectively communicate in the workplace is invaluable and can directly impact employee performance, engagement and overall business success. Effective communication skills include listening, verbal and written communication.

Understand how to plan for and excel during difficult conversations to clearly communicate the most crucial topics, manage conflict and provide clarity to all involved.


Workplace civility training is the best way to facilitate increased awareness, tolerance and communication to your teams about the expected professional behavior in your workplace. On-going annual training also helps keep you compliant with a review of your anti-harassment and discrimination policy, equal employment policy and reporting processes.

Topics covered include: inappropriate /unwelcomed comments regarding sexual preferences and advances, bullying, religious, racial injustice and political differences. Additional customization to include the ins and outs of your organization’s specific harassment policy is available.

Manager Coaching


Get the basics that lay the foundation for successfully management.  Ideal for new supervisors. Course offering sampling Includes:

  • Leading for Success I -Selecting the Best with Succession in Mind; Team Member Engagement; Communicating Effectively and Managing Diversity & InclusionPerformance Management
  • Coaching for Development; Feedback Having Crucial Conversations; Accountability
  • How to be the Boss
  • HR Compliance, Policy, and Laws
  • Employment Law Basics; Constructive Discipline and Behavioral Interviewing


Grow your management skills to become more effective at leading. Course offering sampling Includes:

  • Self-Assessment – Who are We? What Motivates Us?; How to Communicate for Clarity and Cadence; Situational Leadership; Creating Your Personal Brand
  • Leading for Success II 
  • Analytics – How to Use HR Data for Business Decisions; Setting Performance Expectations and Creating KPI’sSituational Leadership
  • How to Adapt your Style of Management; Effective Facilitation Skills
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